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Helping you make the right choice

What is IP CCTV, and should you be using it?

Do you need remote monitoring?

Can you keep your current cameras if a new system is installed?

What are covert CCTV cameras, and how can they help your business?

What is Data Protection and how do I comply?

Key Integrated Systems can help you with all of your questions about CCTV. We have over 35 years experience designing, installing and maintaining CCTV systems for companies in Bristol, the South West and South Wales.

This means that we fully understand the benefits of each and every system and will always give you the right advice.

Our products

From straightforward CCTV systems to large networked digital systems with hundreds of cameras, we can help.

IP CCTV: this digital CCTV solution delivers images over your existing data networks and stores them on your servers, saving you money on installation costs and eliminating the need for video recorders and tapes. You'll get clear, high resolution images that can be accessed instantly from anywhere around the world over the internet. IP CCTV is an excellent tool not only for crime prevention but also for monitoring your business procedures such as health and safety.

Remote Monitoring: with remote monitoring, you'll have complete peace of mind. A team of dedicated CCTV operators will act instantly when a CCTV Alarm alerts them to a presence on your site. They will take suitable action, which can range from an audible warning over loudspeakers to contacting the police.


Covert CCTV cameras: if you suspect employee theft, misuse of company resources or vandalism, covert cameras can be a useful tool for detection - they can be fitted with triggers to detect movement and are suitable both inside and outside your premises.



Guidance on data protection and compliance

It is import that your CCTV system complies with the latest data protection laws, to protect both you and your employees or customers. For example, access to recordings should be restricted to authorised persons, and all requests for access to data must be recorded and acted upon accordingly. Key Integrated Systems can  give you all the necessary advice.

Our service

When you contact Key Integrated Systems, our team of surveyors will visit your premises and carry out a full assessment of your security requirements. We will design a bespoke system for you at an unbeatable price. Our engineers have extensive experience integrating multiple systems, helping you to save money and get maximum benefit. We're NSI accredited, meaning that you'll benefit from unrivalled service and guaranteed fast call out times.

Contact Key Integrated Systems

Call us on 0844 800 7743 or email to arrange your free, no-obligation site inspection.

Experienced Installation and Service engineers needed

We require experienced Installation and Service engineers in the Bristol area.

Please send CV’s to or call 08448007743 for more details.